Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What to do?

Get active.

You don't need to join a political party. You DO need to take seriously the awesome power you have as a vote. Many electorates had their seat decided by less than a thousand people. YOU know enough people to turn a seat result. YOU do.

Do NOT let the media or the leftists silence you. EVER. Bear witness. Find out the truth on issues and fearlessly tell people the truth. Not as some crazy preacher harassing people, but when conversations occur- keep it truthful. Stop the rot at the grass roots.

If you're at university, it's going to be very rough on you. Universities are full of lazy opinionated people with no life experience. This doesn't stop them from constantly repeating leftist talking points in an ignorant way. Abbott put up with it; all conservatives put up with it. Now you will have to put up with it.

Every mind you change, every person you free from the mind control of the leftstream media is a massive victory.


Are you going to do less than the heroes of the Eureka Stockade? Is that what a fair go means? Turning into slaves of socialists? No way. Not now, not ever. Keep to the spirit of Eureka, Kokoda and today.

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