Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Open Letter to James Massola

Dear James,

just received another email from Adriana re your request for interview.

As a twitter and blog based based phenomenon with a growing direct audience and 3700+ active "members" we're not really keen on open slather in the old media. It doesn't seem that it will be a fair and balanced piece given the silly outing of Grogs Gamut.

Don't get me wrong, I thought Gamut wasting taxpayers money on his tweeting was a disgrace, but the gratuitous outing of the sad little mindlocked leftoid seemed pointless except to boost newspaper circulation.

To assist you in your article preparation I am setting out below what we stand for, where we came from, and what we intend to do. You can make whatever use you like of this information.

Here we go:

My name is Gary Walker. Together with Adriana "Maimonides" and "Peter Lalor" we decided to form an Anonymous style organisation intended to be the political Al Qaeda against all forms of collectivism, communist infiltration of the Australian political system, socialism, and in particular the corruption of current politicians.

The three of us met online, then in real life. "Peter" has since retired from online to a large degree although he still has a twitter account as the Eureka Ninja. Adriana is out and about in Melbourne. I am on the New South Wales coast.

The principles of our movement are as follows:

The just laws that apply equally to all are the basis of Australia's modern society culture and country. Mercy has to temper Justice.

Death to tyranny! There is no place in our country for elites, squatterocracies, imported lords or priesthoods or anyone else who lords it over other people for no reason and by no right of law. Politicians in particular are our servants as are the bureaucrats. They do their work for a fair quid or they are GONE.

"We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties."

Anyone of any colour or creed is Australian if they come here legally, stay and form part of our political fabric and respect the law. No one is above anyone else in any way by cause of blood, birth or inheritance. We're all equal in spirit and deserve a fair go.

Australian history begins with the original inhabitants not with the European era.

Taxation should be minimal and never imposed without consent of the governed.
No more rum rebellions and Eureka Stockade injustices!

We do not rule out civil disobedience and peaceful protests to get our points across.

We have no connection to the Australian TEA Party who, other than popping up to promote themselves, seem to have done absolutely nothing. To date, we Eurekans have launched four successful "emailalanches" mass email, call and mail campaigns, against anyone betraying their electorate. We will be escalating our campaigns as our numbers grow. Many of us have also joined the liberal party or the national party. Some of us intend to stand as genuine independents offering to sign detailed contracts with undertakings to truly represent their electorates. Some of our members have now started blogs of their own and the movement has clearly taken off, due entirely to the massive hatred of what has happened to Australia felt by the vast silent majority of Australians. It's not surprising journalists were taken by surprise by all of this. The journalists are pretty much all smug tuned out people listening to each other and the polis rather than to the millions of normal Aussies who don't read fish wrappers or watch television's puppet show.

All we ask of anyone following us is to take the Eureka Oath and to apply the maximum pressure they can to both the political class and the servile journalists who do nothing to hold politicians accountable. If that upsets the happy thoughts inside the credulous useful idiots of either persuasion that's all to the good.

I hope this is of some use to you in your article. It will be posted on our blog shortly.

We welcome anyone to the fight for the principles of Eureka. We will never rest until Australia is saved from the corruption in high places that is destroying her.

Gary Walker
EUREKA the Australian Tea Party


  1. Your mass emails and phone calls appear to make you more of a public nuisance rather than a force for lifting the vile stench of corruption that has, according to you, drove our country into an orgy of socialist manifestos and communist ideologies. Even if we ignore the absurdity of these claims, your admitted allegiance to the Liberal and National parties has completely destroyed any sort of legitimacy you were trying to create.

    Here's some advice for you: if you want to create a grassroots movement intent on "removing corruption", best not make it obvious that you only want to target the parties you haven't joined.

  2. Adrianna/ Garry /Peter
    I will start with the assumption that talking to one is talking to all.

    I Read most of your open blog to James Massola with joy. Much of what you
    wrote is in line with the way our organization thinks, very well written and
    articulated.Blogging and tweeting is definitely and obviously your forte! good work.

    It is somewhat reassuring that an obviously perceptive group such as yourselves are unaware of our activities.

    the left therefore should be blissfully ignorant.

    We wish to hurt them much much more than merely humiliating their ideas in the blogosphere.

    Thanks for keeping the left engaged/enraged in wasting their energy trying to spin their B.S against you in cyberspace.

    What a fabulous distraction ridiculing their pathetic ideology is . They just can't help themselves you are living rent free between their ears every day!

    We are organising for different spheres of action which is appropriate of course seeing we are different people and different organizations.

    So why the anger at us just for going a different path?

    Do you believe that it's your way or the highway?

    Because that is pretty much the flavor of your comments about us.
    If that's the case your actions are not in line with your statements under
    articles 2, 3, 4, and 5.

    It is also strange seeing we have nothing but praise for you and yours. Our
    styles are different but our aims are more or less the same.

    Anyway its nearly midnight, one of our members sent me a link to your blog,
    I don't need to get into a pissing contest with you, or a anonymous blogging

    I wish you well as does the Australian TEA Party.

    I do plan on getting on with the fight, and you are not my opponent, the
    elites are, as are all those who take public money without delivering on
    their obligations to their employers. Those who take public money without
    delivering value for money.

    Yet again lots of luck, you have our support, I hope that we can be like the multiple different
    groups of tea party activists in the USA- autonomous yet united by a common cause,

    and who are learning to work together and address the peoples common enemy in their own ways.

    Our hope is that we will learn to do the same.

    Friendly Regards


    PS: I am guessing you are both astute enough to know this isn’t to be published on your site, it is a communication from the Australian TEA Party to the Eureka Australian TEA Party.

  3. "1. RULE OF LAW
    The just laws that apply equally to all are the basis of Australia's modern society culture and country."

    A few lines down;

    "We do not rule out civil disobedience and peaceful protests to get our points across."

    I'm sorry, pointing out contradictions like this is too much fun. Don't worry, I'm totally voting for you still. Or supporting you in whatever you actually plan to do to remove the imported lords and priesthoods.