Monday, September 13, 2010

GetUp is not "of the left" it is a front for unions and PR firm

The ABC and other media is prepared to say GetUp is a left wing organization but they don't tell the story truly.

GetUp is funded by unions, in possible breaks of the law, and is masterminded not by its public leader but by ALP spin doctors and a PR firm.

In other words this means GetUp is not a genuine "grass roots" organization, it is a classical type "astroturf" organization. This has the meaning that it's not coming from a real community outrage or movement but is a fake organization which is not legitimate. It is illegitimate because it is pretending to act from public ideas but reality is it's promoting a script from socialist headquarters.

GetUp has started dressing in orange. That is a unionist tactic used by many unions over the years. It is a like the brownshirts and other menacing socialist movements that use uniforms and bullying to make people think their more powerful than they really are.

The people of Australia have all the real power. We outnumber them, like our leader, Gary, says.

Or like our founder "Peter Lalor" says, one Anonymous scared the whole multimillion dollar church of scientology. A few curious Aussies can scare the hell out of GetUp and the socialist hive they serve.

We have information on GetUp including copies of payments. We need to check all this to make sure it's real. If you have any more information on GetUp, the AWU, Bill Shorten, other unions involved or the PR firm and its contractors involved, especially the ABC employee, please contact me directly at or by leaving a comment here.

I have to say this now for legal reasons
"all comments left on this blog post are the property of the person commenting and are not in any way the responsibility of or the opinion of EUREKA the Australian Tea Party, its members, blog site administrators, editors or participants. No responsibility taken for any comments made below"

Sorry about that but that is what we have been told to put on this one.

Once our legal advice comes back about how we can post proof we will be putting scans up or video or whatever we're told to do.



  1. Anything that'll bring down this sham organization is something worthy of contributing to. I can't stand to see their smug leader or their phony organization on TV with a disproportionate voice to the rest of the population, and hope they get exposed for the frauds they are! Maybe then we can save the kiddies from being brainwashed by these former '60s radicals!

  2. Mate it's a start. I admire Adriana for doing the hard work on it too, and Gary for slogging away in Sydney. He's got two jobs and posts on Twitter and also is getting some media calls. But GetUp have to be discredited and destroyed for being the outrageous fake populist group they are. The socialists rip into us for being a "Tea Party" and "copying" the septics but fair go what about the bloody GetUp antics? Straight out of the American left that crap is.

  3. Whowever writes this stuff needs to brush up on their syntax and grammar. It is truly woeful.
    Can we have names?
    And the site is headed 'Eureka- Australia Tea Party Website' and then you have that stupid disclaimer that the comments are not those of the Australian Tea Party?? What the? Is this site or is it not the official site of the Australian Tea Party? If it isn't then your rank hypocrisy is overwhelming. You are purporting the exact fraud you accuse GetUp of.

  4. ...except Get Up! is basically a bunch of hard left ALP Whitlam era rejects funded by unions with a few younger people as the public image...masquerading as a popular "non-partisan" movement...what a joke.

  5. GetUp was founded by former US based Australian members. MoveOn is a front organisation for George Soros and is designed to foster the Socialist agenda, ie; making the world safe for uber capitalism by creating socialist dicatatorships.

    Soros, in turn, is an asset of the UK banking elite. He is their 'hit man' who helped keep the Stg Pound out of the ECU by claiming to 'break' the Bank of England. ROFL.