Monday, October 11, 2010

The Real 17 Days

A friend sent me this and thought I would post it.

Suddenly a lot of things make sense.
This is why we had to put up with all the post election stupidity. they certainly don't have the country at heart.
Very interesting!

Here’s some interesting stuff about the 2 Independents

There is always another angle to this that might not suit everyone's palate.

Jeff Seeney (LNP - Callide) explained it primarily in reference to Judy Spence.

This current Federal debacle of delaying the election result, is really all about superannuation and self interest. Bob Katter has completed 38 years of Federal/State representative service and is on "the really old super scheme". So he has millions in super and he gains nothing much by chasing more.

Moreover he wants Robbie Katter Jnr., his son to become the member at the next election (for Kennedy) to follow him. He also hates Labour and if he voted for them, Robbie will never get there. He also despises the Greens and is pro- Aboriginal. That is real Aboriginal and he wants them to be given property/land title to their homes. This is very fair. Labour refuses to allow it.

Oakeshott wants his 20 year superannuation payout but he needs 2 full years more to get it. He has done a combined 18 years of Federal and State representative survive. The first 10 years served as a National party member. After 20 years on the super scheme post 1988 his super quantum starts to decline rapidly.

That scheme has ended now post Mark Latham for all new members elected since 2006, all on the really old scheme have no 20 year rule. Oakeshott is chasing the Ministerial position because it will maximize his superannuation payout since the scale of the super payout final amount is determined by the end salary.

If he stayed as a backbencher, it declines at the backbenchers rate at 20 years too but the quantum either as a balloon or monthly payout is much lower. Most will have missed it.

Rob Oakeshott did not want another election for at least 2 years to guarantee his maximal superannuation payout. That alone that drove his decision. Oakeshott desperately sought the Ministerial position, not for the power but the salary. Especially the END Salary he would retire by choice or by losing when he finished Federal service on.

Windsor collects his super at end 2011,one year earlier. He will have done 20 years State/Federal all as an independent, never with the Ministerial salary. His opportunity is gone for that.

He has sold his farm at Werris Creek for a crazy price that is hard to believe, his wife has collected her Teachers super (40 years) and they want a place at ? Palm Beach (NSW) but the buy in price is $5 million plus. He has other land that he wants prices for that are very ridiculous. He could just as easily buy at Coff's or even Byron Bay. It is cheaper too. But the New Englanders would hound him forever. He is smart enough to know this is about an exit strategy and going to where no one cares.

Forget all the rhetoric. Both Oakeshott and Windsor are finished in their electorates. They will be reviled by all, forever. Neither of them will care. This was all about them and their futures.

Windsor is ruled by the thickness of his wallet. That is why they are talking about the longevity of the parliament - "to ensure the parliament runs as long as possible, preferably it's 3 year cycle" are the words of both.

Oakeshott acknowledged that Tony Abbott would have won another election, if we had another election soon. Both stated that the background hiss from Coalition people was about another Federal election. That was why the duo did what they did, for another election in the next 3-12 months was their greatest fear.

Katter would not share their box at 3.00 pm because he was addressing the National interest and just a small dose of his own. He genuinely put up his 20 points and defended them all.

Windsor thought that the electorate would swallow the Broadband rubbish and Oakeshott just made a fool of himself, with all the waffle.

Self interest to the bitter end, what a disgrace. A coward makes the final decision. Shakespeare to the end. To be or not to be - that is the question ! or maybe Cowards die many times before their deaths. We have a terrible time ahead ..

Friday, October 1, 2010

America on the brink of a Second Revolution Paul B. Farrell - MarketWatch

America on the brink of a Second Revolution Paul B. Farrell - MarketWatch

Where me and my people violently disagree with this is that a return to small or no government in some of the many areas overtaken by the current political classes is a good thing. An enormous good.

All that is required for small government to work is:

1. the total destruction of the cancer of multiculturalism. People who come to Australia will accept the dominant culture and language to a minimum standard allowing safety.

2. elimination of the welfare state and its bureaucracy. Replace it with basic charity for the genuinely needy. Let the permanent welfare class of shirkers go and live in the desert for all it matters. They contribute vastly to crime and sadness in society and are criminal scum. Discipline them.

3. destroy the socialism that has infected society.

Any achievement of any part of this plan will improve the common good of the productive citizenry.

Gary Walker
Australian Tea Party.

Worth a 1000 Words: THIS IS FASCISM. "No Pressure At All" - this is why modern schooling needs massive changes.

Back when people were actually educated, the story of Nazism was part of the syllabus for modern history. It was taught openly and with little to no spin. No preponderance of holocaust stories, and no preponderance of glorious stories of Nazi war machines. What was taught, was about the social changes Nazism brought, how clever the changes were and how efficiently and secretly the changes were introduced. People probably still know dimly some of the words, even if they don't know the story.

Hitler Youth.

NSDAP (National SOCIALIST German Workers' Party)


That last one doesn't get much of a look in these days. Which is a little bit sus really because it's happening to all of us all the time. This time it isn't just in Germany though. The inheritors of the Nazis and Communists* who founded the UN practise gleichschaltung all the time on all of us.

Google the word, learn about it. And then





Thursday, September 30, 2010

Where to Complain: David Bradbury, ALP maggot for Lindsay and betrayer of the community

Lindsay Electorate Office
(Open between the hours of 9am and 5pm - Monday to Friday)


Ground Floor,331 High Street, Penrith NSW 2750

Tel: (02) 4732 1801
Fax: (02) 4732 1812

Postal Address:

PO Box 712, Penrith NSW 2750

Parliament House Office


Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600

Tel: (02) 6277 4199
Fax: (02) 6277 8465

Postal Address:

PO Box 6022, Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Don't be Fooled with Fast NBN Internet

corrected and updated 2 October 2010

My terminology - Please note:

"speed" is the speed per second
"download" is monthly download usage


I do not download music or movies
I have been using twitter full-time over past month
I am a consumer not an IT expert and should not have to be IT expert, I am one of millions

On 21 September 2010, I went into my internet account to downscale my plan as I had only used approx 16 gig download for the month of August-September.

I was on 1.5 mbps speed + 50 gig download ADSL. I have been fine with 1.5 mbps speed but did not need 50 gig download. Maybe 25 gig download would have been fine.

When I arrived at the "Change your plan" page there were no options for ADSL.

The only plans I could choose were ADSL 2+. It was cheaper than my slower speed plan so took it. That was one sure sneaky way to get me to sign up for faster broadband.

New plan was to commence on 24 September 2010, when it changed exactly is not clear but somewhere on or after this date it changed.

My current plan speed is now (up to) 20 mbps. I wonder why pages do not download any faster than before.

One thing I have noticed is, today 30 September 2010 (6 days after changeover date), I have used up 10 gig of download since being on the higher speed plan. I am using the internet in the same fashion as last month. Last month download was 15.89 gigs for the month total.

I have noticed in the past, when I went up to 5 mbps on ADSL the download was chewed up faster even though I was not using the PC any more than usual, in fact it was less during that particular month so reverted back to 1.5 mbps and sat. For me monthly usage is very important.

In July 2010, in one day I used less than 3 gig online gaming continually for 24 hours on 1.5 mbps. Now I chew half that up in 4 hours (tested on 1 October) and only logged in and did not else within the game, no chat, no music, no moving, no building, nothing.

As of today, I am supposedly on the faster speed plan as per my internet account details.

1 There is no difference in speed, pages are not downloading 20 times fast I am still waiting.
2 My monthly usage has been chewed up at astronomical rate
3 21% of my monthly usage has been chewed up within 6 days
4 At this rate I will have to move to 200 gig per month download costing me the same as before.
5 ALP fast speed broadband will not be cheaper than before, it will still be expensive.

This tells me:

1 I have been dictated to
2 I will have to up my monthly plan to more download gigs which will end up costing me big time
3 It is a con because from the box to my home is still copper!
4 Something is up because I have not seen any fibre being rolled out in my area.

Then I ask:

1 When plan says up to 20 mbps deceives, I can only get 8 mbps max, not even close.
2 If copper can't give me 20 mbps speed then why are my plan choices ADSL 2+ stating up to 20 mbps speed?
3 Since 8 mbps is considered extremely slow, and yet the faster speed results in chewing up monthly download usage, then what is the ALP going to do about that for families they are conning?
3 Why are there only 3 choices in download monthly usage? eg 2 gig per month, then jump to 50 gig or 200 gig per month
4 Why are the choices for 12 gig and 25 gig for monthy download usage missing?
5 Do the internet providers know something about speed and download usage they are not telling us?
6 Most providers are similar in pricing with their plans, no competition really exists.

I would like to mention here that when I changed my plan from my memory I signed up for:

5000 kpbs = 5 mbps
50 gig download = $39.95 per month

but the plan seems to be higher speed of 20 mbps (which is not possible on my rim) and $69.96 per month to find out afterward the price they gave me was if I signed up for 24 months and $10 dearer at $49.95.

They did not send me email to confirm my initial plan and I did not get a print out of the original plan choices. However, they are advertising the $49.95 plan on their site I noticed yesterday.

If you call up to complain about the excess download usage which is quite alarming figures, they do not acknowledge something might be wrong.

High speed internet will result in need for more download usage costing families astronomical internet costs.

It would be like going to get fuel, it gives a per litre but the fuel pumps less than you are paying.

Don't be fooled.

Feel free to post on this, yet another ALP failure, "A Woman of Poor Judgement" leads.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Open Letter to James Massola

Dear James,

just received another email from Adriana re your request for interview.

As a twitter and blog based based phenomenon with a growing direct audience and 3700+ active "members" we're not really keen on open slather in the old media. It doesn't seem that it will be a fair and balanced piece given the silly outing of Grogs Gamut.

Don't get me wrong, I thought Gamut wasting taxpayers money on his tweeting was a disgrace, but the gratuitous outing of the sad little mindlocked leftoid seemed pointless except to boost newspaper circulation.

To assist you in your article preparation I am setting out below what we stand for, where we came from, and what we intend to do. You can make whatever use you like of this information.

Here we go:

My name is Gary Walker. Together with Adriana "Maimonides" and "Peter Lalor" we decided to form an Anonymous style organisation intended to be the political Al Qaeda against all forms of collectivism, communist infiltration of the Australian political system, socialism, and in particular the corruption of current politicians.

The three of us met online, then in real life. "Peter" has since retired from online to a large degree although he still has a twitter account as the Eureka Ninja. Adriana is out and about in Melbourne. I am on the New South Wales coast.

The principles of our movement are as follows:

The just laws that apply equally to all are the basis of Australia's modern society culture and country. Mercy has to temper Justice.

Death to tyranny! There is no place in our country for elites, squatterocracies, imported lords or priesthoods or anyone else who lords it over other people for no reason and by no right of law. Politicians in particular are our servants as are the bureaucrats. They do their work for a fair quid or they are GONE.

"We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties."

Anyone of any colour or creed is Australian if they come here legally, stay and form part of our political fabric and respect the law. No one is above anyone else in any way by cause of blood, birth or inheritance. We're all equal in spirit and deserve a fair go.

Australian history begins with the original inhabitants not with the European era.

Taxation should be minimal and never imposed without consent of the governed.
No more rum rebellions and Eureka Stockade injustices!

We do not rule out civil disobedience and peaceful protests to get our points across.

We have no connection to the Australian TEA Party who, other than popping up to promote themselves, seem to have done absolutely nothing. To date, we Eurekans have launched four successful "emailalanches" mass email, call and mail campaigns, against anyone betraying their electorate. We will be escalating our campaigns as our numbers grow. Many of us have also joined the liberal party or the national party. Some of us intend to stand as genuine independents offering to sign detailed contracts with undertakings to truly represent their electorates. Some of our members have now started blogs of their own and the movement has clearly taken off, due entirely to the massive hatred of what has happened to Australia felt by the vast silent majority of Australians. It's not surprising journalists were taken by surprise by all of this. The journalists are pretty much all smug tuned out people listening to each other and the polis rather than to the millions of normal Aussies who don't read fish wrappers or watch television's puppet show.

All we ask of anyone following us is to take the Eureka Oath and to apply the maximum pressure they can to both the political class and the servile journalists who do nothing to hold politicians accountable. If that upsets the happy thoughts inside the credulous useful idiots of either persuasion that's all to the good.

I hope this is of some use to you in your article. It will be posted on our blog shortly.

We welcome anyone to the fight for the principles of Eureka. We will never rest until Australia is saved from the corruption in high places that is destroying her.

Gary Walker
EUREKA the Australian Tea Party