Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Spirit of Eureka, and of Australia herself.

"I would ask these gentlemen what they mean by the term 'democracy'. Do they mean Chartism or Communism or Republicanism? If so, I never was, I am not now, nor do I ever intend to be a democrat. But if a democrat means opposition to a tyrannical press, a tyrannical people, or a tyrannical government, then I have been, I am still, and will ever remain a democrat."

Peter Lalor, 1856


  1. Peter Lalor was also a member of the Australian Labor Party.

  2. The ALP of then not the ALP of now. Small difference at least I would have thought. Or are you seriously suggesting there is the remotest resemblance between the working class protectors of Then with the scum of the middle class of Now?


  3. If you in anyway think you are living under tyrannical power what are you doing still living here?
    The fact that you use the parts of Lalor's speeches and make up the rest ("The ALP of then not the ALP of now." How on earth do you know what political party Lalor would support now- do you talk to the dead?) is blatantly misleading.

  4. Well I know this much. The ALP wasn't even formed until 2 years after his death, the union thugs of today didn't form their crime syndicates until years after that- so I can guarantee you using those pesky facts leftoids hate so much- Lalor was a democrat, and not some sort of anticipatory socialist. Even his Italian anarchist comrade noted that, in the factual account you have undoubtedly never read.

  5. Actually I have read quite a lot of Victorian history. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that someone purporting to represent 'the people' against tyrannical rule but actually representing the politics of neo-conservative greed would use a figure head renowned for betraying his roots for policies that enriched himself only. Using Chinese miners to strikebreak- yes, I see how that's really standing up against a tyrannical power. Or disenfranchising a large swathe of voters- that was him standing up for democracy?
    Your arguments should never rest on the assumption that you are smarter than everybody else- that kind of paternalistic thought is what has driven many people away from the two major parties.

  6. And you shouldn't make the "Jefferson had a black mistress" argument in return.

    We agree with and champion the cause of the Eureka Stockade. That time and place.