Thursday, September 9, 2010

A typical story from the Dept of Climate Change - there are 340 more stories just the same...

MarkL of Canberra
Thu 09 Sep 10 (03:54pm)
Locototi, it’s worse than that. Got a mate who went into the Dept of Climate Change for a promotion, did his time, then went elsewhere at that rank.
Having a beer with him is hysterical. They asked him at interview if he “believed in climate change”. he’s a natural born bullsh*tter himself and he saw which way the wind was blowing and fed them babblespeak.
Most of them creamed themselves with joy. He said it was obviously a closed shop. Only true believers got in.
Now, he reckons it’s a clear breach of the Public Service rules to have to say you “believe” in something the Dept deals with before getting a job there - but nobody who did not say yes (and with messianic enthusiasm) EVER got past an interview panel that he saw.
On the policy level they just make crap up on the fly, or called the Greens and get ‘science’ from them. POLICY is based on this approach. Policy they spend your hard-earned on.
Most of the staff have no idea that anyone in the world disagrees with AGW.
It’s a flaming shambles and a colossal waste of money according to him, and he worked there. It got so bad (he had nothing to do for half his time there), that he’d wander over to a mutual friend’s Department for ‘meetings’ and do work for them just so he could look at himself in the shaving mirror each morning and know he was doing something for Joe Public to justify his pay.
Others, including his boss, would ‘go to a meeting all afternoon’ every time there was a new movie in town.
Their secretary gave a Greenie babblespeak to some oil conference last year and literally got laughed at. He was giving straight Greens talking points to a highly educated, technically literate audience and they just shredded the guy.
He can go on for hours with yarns from the place, and it’s ALL bad.

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