Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Choir Of Free Voices

EUREKA has turned this blog over to not just the founders of the movement but like-minded people of all walks of life.

They will be contributing their own independent and free-thinking voices to the choir of freedom.

Some will be well educated and polished; some will be raw and scathing.

Freedom of speech means allowing everyone to be heard.

What scares the socialists of Australia is that their fantasies, so carefully scripted, are falling apart in the face of the great awakening of the silent majority. Silent no more.

YOU have the power. Not the media, not the socialists, not the spin doctors, no one but you. Many electorates were decided by almost single votes. As we said at the beginning, if you personally accept responsibility to change the views of 1,000 people you have in many cases changed the politician elected in your seat.

And even if you are in what the media and the political classes call a safe seat, remember the Oakeshott lesson. Despite his betrayals, he was still on a winning majority until our email campaign. The insurrection against his tyranny came from those who elected him and their brothers and sisters beneath the Eureka Flag around Australia.

There was a general melee at the Eureka Stockade, although just 22 rebels are recorded as having taken refuge in the picket stockade itself. 22 Australians changed our history.

You could be one of the next 22 history makers. Take personal responsibility, swear the Eureka Oath. Protect your rights and freedoms, fight all forms of tyranny. Do it for your own sake and for the sake of those you love.

The bigotry of low expectations destroys too many of us. The coopted media try and destroy the rest. Talk directly to and with your fellow citizens, and decide things for yourself. When you have to, take action. Email, write, call, agitate. Take the effort to make Australia politically fit agan, because if our beautiful country falls this time, she's dead.

The battle for our rights and freedoms has begun.

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