Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Australian Tea Party

It took a lot for Americans to wake up to socialism, international socialism. But they have awoken, and they're doing their best to destroy it root and bough. And well they should.

The Australian experience is a bit different. We're egalitarian like our American cousins; we've always had tickets on ourselves but less so than the septics (septic tank = yank :) ). But we've been proud.

Well it's hard to be proud today isn't it. An illegitimate PM, selected not elected - twice. A bunch of weaklings exploiting our political system to create a weak alliance and rob the will of the people of its effect.

The American Tea Party is about harking back to the Boston Tea Party. Our Australian Tea Party is about gathering round and talking- then acting. Our inspiration is the billy tea the Eureka heroes drank before they busted up the local oppressors of the police state that oppressed them.

And like the American Tea Party we'll be called racists, radicals and all the rest. Well Eureka was all colours and creeds. United beneath Australia's real flag, for freedom. FREEDOM. Freedom has to be fought for.

This blog will be posting lots of information- on politicians, their records, their statements- and all the other issues that the leftstream media remains silent about- radical islam (there is no other kind), gutless conservatives, socialism in Australia, religious manipulation and all the other things that have gone wrong for our country.

We act now decisively or we're finished. Gone and dusted.

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