Friday, September 10, 2010

First post!

Hi to everyone!

My name's Adriana, and I am one of the Australian Tea Party / EUREKA organisers.

I live in Melbourne, which is where the Australian Tea Party started.

A number of people have asked why we called ourselves a Tea Party and isn't that an American thing. I think our founder Peter Lalor explained that all ready but basically there was an Australian Tea Party on the goldfields before the rebellion turned into a full scale battle. It was around campfires, where miners and their families and people like that sat and made tea in billies.

For foreign visitors, a billy is basically a little saucepan pot with no handle and a wire through the edge, like a little tin bucket. In the colonial days people would boil or cook in it. The miners boiled tea, and some of them added some grog, and they drank and decided whether to use violence to oppose their oppressors. And they decided to use violence. Because in that time they had no alternative.

I think we do have alternative to violence because the oppressors today aren't using the army or police or union thugs against us, at least not yet. At Uni I see it all the time when people are being quietly bullied by lecturers or the other students, it's just like high school with the way people of opposing views are shut down. It's the left wing that do it, they have the power in education.

My family are immigrants, I was born in Melbourne but a lot of my family weren't. They don't understand why more Australians don't care about politics and why people trust the news to tell the truth.

For myself I joined this blog because it appeared at just the time I was so angry with how the election had all happened and how it seemed like democracy was not working. And even more so the media were so wrong in what they said, their just lying and keeping things from people. I want to find things out for myself and post them here.

If you have news from your electorate please leave it as a comment or email it to me, my email is

And I will print any real electorate news, after checking that it is true.

Thanks for reading



  1. Congratulations on setting up The Australian Tea Party. As National President of the Liberal Democratic Party, I fully support such an activists group. The Lib Dems adapted the Eureka flag as our symbol. You can see it and our policies at

  2. Great! It will be interesting to see if it gains any traction over here :)