Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Malcolm Turnbull on the Net Filter

Malcolm Turnbull TurnbullMalcolm @AussieTeaParty I am utterly opposed to the conroy net filter as is the Coalition. It has no merit at all.

Clear concise confirmation: The stupid net filter is a socialist, and not a Liberal or Coalition idea. STOP THE NET FILTER BEFORE IT BECOMES REALITY.


  1. You don't understand what "socialist" means. Is not an insult, a derogatory term or a synonym for far-left radicalism. Using it incorrectly just makes you look silly.

  2. Would you share your definition of "socialist" with everyone? :)

  3. Socialist means going to party's and drinking chardonnay. Paris Hilton for example is a socialist.

  4. Socialist slaves keep voting ALP then complaining about the net filter. Wouldn't it be better to force some democracy into the hateful ALP or just vote for someone else?

    Common sense and socialists: never met each other. :)