Sunday, September 19, 2010

Oakeshott petition to fix the Rotten Borough of Lyne


If you're in Lyne, SIGN THIS PETITION.

This guy has to toe the line or GO.

Either he backs the Coalition as he was instructed to do by his employers, the voters of Lyne, or he RESIGNS.


  1. I am signing on behalf of one senior who does not use the internet

  2. Tea Party? Really?? Sorry are you confused as to which country you live in?

  3. Academic IP? Our tax dollars at work. No wonder Gillard abandoned the "Education" portfolio completely. You're in her pocket already.

  4. You don't understand how our parliamentary system works... do you..

  5. The person who doesn't understand, or at least accept, how the system works, is someone like Oakeshott who wants to replace the Rule of Law with group hugs and other kumbaya smoke screens for illegality, waste, electoral bribes and dictatorial behaviour.

  6. ...not really, that's just the situation he's in, which we happened to vote him into. If he went right, would you have the same opinion of him?

    I forgot that you don't argue with logic... I'd recommend enrolling into uni for a politics major, before making your silly statements.

  7. Oakeshott is being unfaithful to those who elected him. If or when he obeys his electorate and restrains his real nature enough to become a full-time functional elector, the storm over him will go away.

  8. If Oakeshott's electorate wanted a Coalition MP, they would have voted for one. Instead, they voted for an Independent to represent them in Parliament, as they obviously wanted a change from the those that they felt did not do a good job. Now their job is done, and OakeShott's begins.
    His job now is not to kowtow to the minority of his electorate and do their bidding, it's to represent and lead all of them.
    It's quite simple really.

  9. Academic IP? No, I posted that from home, in the flat that I pay for with my job, while doing a fulltime masters in international politics. So yes, I am a student.
    Do you have the slightest idea of the implications of associating yourself with the "tea party" movement? Do you really have a clue what you're talking about? Have you put any thought into your message here?

  10. Fulltime masters in international politics. Says it all.

    You'll never hold down a career or even a responsible job in your life if you can help it, and getting a higher degree in pavlovian socialist responses is so ridiculous you need to stay a sleepwalking socialist to be able to look at yourself in the mirror.

    We're here to stay. Socialists can adapt- or be consigned to utter discredited irrelevancy.

  11. Hatred of higher education? Way to break down the redneck stereotype, pal.
    Now you get your opportunity to explain to all of us why a Gillard Labor government is "socialist" as opposed to an Abbott Coalition government.

  12. It's probably also worth noting that the man you think should be running the country has a masters degree in politics, but I'm sure that's completely different, right?

  13. They are using the american tea party standard, brand everything socialist or worse than hitle but don't back it up with facts. Move to the US where your backward views will be appreciated by the likes of FoxNews, The Rupbulican Party and Sarah Palin. ANd better yet where they actually have a historical event called the tea party...

  14. Tea Party/Coffee party, who cares? It's good to see people with genuine conservative views eventually standing up against the chardonnay Marxists, the Theft Party (Labor) and their cohorts of ridiculous University-uneducated morons.
    Well, Mr Anonymous, you'll probably get a nice job in Government or academia if you're lucky.
    You're stupid Anonymous. Oakeshott stood as an Independent, not a member of the Labor Party. 13% of his electors voted Labor.
    So he ratted on his electorate, and sided with the most incompetent mob of ratbags who ever set out to rob us blind and reduce us to third-world status. If it was just broadband policy it was not enough to put the fools back into running the asylum. I hope the electors show Oakeshott the door to his perks and lifestyle next time around.
    You're forward-thinking Anonymous? Probably more affected by 19th-century failed political thought than you think.

  15. To the other anonymous, it's great to see someone with intelligence posting here. But I am convinced this whole arrangement is the work of trolls.

  16. Anonymous 1, (you were here first, after all)
    I console myself with the knowledge that people like this are the minority in this country and do not have the kind of power they have in the United States. As long as this is the case, there is still hope.
    Labor, going to "rob us blind and reduce us to third-world status"!! Honestly it just doesn't warrant a response, if you didn't laugh you'd have to cry.

  17. caesarboy -> caesar -> Rome -> Mussolini's iconography -> Mussolini -> fascist
    Voila! Look how easy it is to make tenuous links and incorrectly label people! And it's so much fun! Let's try another!

    Tea Party -> Boston Rebellion -> rebellion -> treason -> criminals
    There we are! More nonsensical labeling! I'm on a role, let's keep going.

    Oakeshott -> Independent -> supported Labor -> socialist traitor
    My infallible logic is purely astonishing. But what about me? Surely I can paint myself with the Tea Party's logic? Let's give it a go.

    James -> question Tea Party reasoning -> socialist
    It's amazing how we always end up at that conclusion. Maybe someone should be taking time out to rethink how they approach criticism.

  18. yes, quite so James. For example, my daughter wouldn't drink her orange juice this morning, so she is an orange juice terrorist. And my son wouldn't put his toys away, so he's a toy terrorist. I'm surprised these people haven't called Oakshott a terrorist yet, as all they seem capable of is name calling (and to hell with reason or logic!).