Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our PM - A Woman of Poor Judgment

This is a list of poor judgments made by Julia Gillard. Although it is a list, it is in effect a running statement about our "unelected by the people" unpopular PM. As you follow along the picture will become clearer and clearer.

Gillard makes many poor judgments and there will be many I have left out, feel free to post the ones you remember.

**************In no particular order Julia's Poor Judgments*****************

As deputy of ALP devotedly supported Kevin Rudd and his poor judgments

She had to instigate a body to audit the school failures when one should have been in place to monitor and prevent them in the first instance.

Took individual work place agreements away from people who were happy with their contracts.

Claims the management of wasting money during the GFC saved Australia.

States proudly that because our debt is less than the rest of the world this is a good thing (there should be far less debt if any, noone should ever be proud of debt).

When asked, she did not want the top job, 2 days later she believed she was the right person to take the top job. This decision turned out to be very poor judgment. The public did not accept her judgment on this.

Executed the elected PM.

Solely took the blame for the execution protecting the 4 faceless men.

The first day she became PM, in Parliament she degraded Julie Bishop with her sharp tongue, insinuating Julie Bishop was still only a deputy following her 3rd leader. Gillard thought herself clever.

Told the public ALP had lost its way, a party she devotedly supported prior to this statement.

Decided East Timor for offshore processing.

Called an election too soon for her own good.

During the campaign at western Sydney, she sat on the stage.

Threatened the public with "Workchoices" even though it is no longer on LNP agenda.

Went to union groups and stood with them during her campaign.

Night of election she held a wake, had the gall to declare ALP won the 2PP vote and promising to fight to remain as PM.

Admitted at the election wake, it would be a while to understand what the results actually meant after losing 14 seats and losing the majority.

Did not step down graciously.

Still believed she was the best person to be PM and knows little about foreign affairs.

Aligned herself with the Green extremists.

Made sure she gave Bob Katter nothing to win him over, Gillard believes she does not need Katter.

Day after election she takes her boyfriend to breakfast in public.

Fought hard to remain PM and got there, very poor judgment not listening to the people.

Rewarded the faceless men with ministerial positions.

Rewarded those who were apart of the party which had lost its way.

Told her party not to look back at the major mistakes (pretend they did not happen).

Made 10 mistakes when forming her new cabinet leaving out important sectors.

Put herself in the position which forced her to give Kevin Rudd the foreign ministry.

Cannot offer prayers for the families of fallen solders or the death of any Australian.

During her swearing in as PM did not say "So help me God".

Continues to roll out NBN without detailed costings.

Offers Rob Oakshott a ministry.

Says Oakshott is experienced to hold speaker of the house position and is considering it.

Gillard continues with ALP policies despite the failures, debt and the will of the public.

Tells the Insiders that reporters did not report fairly during the election (even though she tells lies).

Smiles in front of the camera with yellow teeth (very poor judgment).

Gillard believes Treasury makes no mistakes.

Election promise there would be no ETS then changes her mind after election saying nothing is ruled in or out.

Plans on the MRRT to get up to pay for NBN, every promise and bribe.

Gets smart with a reporter with her sharp tongue, when asked about an ETS, said to the reporter, if she knew the reporter was overseas for the past 3 years she would have sent a postcard, very poor judgment.

Said she would not move into the Lodge until she is elected by the people (looks like our PM will not be moving to the lodge).

A career woman with live-in boyfriend, no children who does not believe in God, representing families, working and stay at home mums, and a country of various religions, still believes she is best placed to be PM.

A woman who remembers her early days in Australia and held a grudge for 40 years has affected her judgment.

*********************Our PM - A Woman of Poor Judgment *********************


  1. Brilliant start! No question about the conservative tone of THIS one that's for sure!

    Great start Michele

  2. Thank you, glad you like it, I hope it becomes a place for others to add to, no doubt there will be more to add.

  3. We want all our voices heard. :) Plus there's no 140 limit here. :)

  4. Very well written and seems to cover most of her poor judgements.I'm sure there are more.Well done.

  5. So much gold here Michele:

    Day after election she takes her boyfriend to breakfast in public. - How dare she have an adult relationship in full view of our nations children.

    Smiles in front of the camera with yellow teeth (very poor judgment). - The temerity, smiling!! With yellow teeth!!! Should be a law against it - oh, hang on, that's the role of government - I mean there shouln't be a law against it...

  6. If you think the leader of a developed nation should be hanging out with a staple-headed grifter like Tim Mathieson you have rocks in your head.

    And Gillard's teeth are extraordinary. Hypnotic in their witch-like ugliness. The slit-eyed compulsive lying and the teeth elevate her to Monty Burns status.

  7. How does the colour of a persons teeth contribute to the discourse on this countrys political direction ?? Comments like that perpetuate the fact that you are a bunch of crack pots. You won't be heard by the (rational) middle 80% of the popultaion if you carry on like 5 year olds....

    Unless you actually are 5 year olds...never thought of that.....