Friday, September 10, 2010

Unfaithful Elector Oakeshott has lust for power curbed... by PEOPLE POWER

No two ways about it, if Oakeshott had not been email bombed with over 5000 hostile responses to his treachery and intimations he was going to grab a ministry from Labor to seal his whoredom, he would today have announced himself as the new Minister for Regional Affairs.

The only fortunate thing about this wretched opportunist is his weakness. In the face of angry voters in his electorate and still more angry emails from around the country over the last 24 hours he has backed down, from a Federal ministry he dearly wanted... Not to make a difference but for the power and the money it would have given him.

This is only the beginning. This is a clear demonstration that people power, the spirit of Eureka, can defeat entrenched interests on any part of the political spectrum. They work for us, and they are scared of us. We outnumber them, and we're smarter than them.

Keep up the good fight and remember the Eureka Stockade!

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