Saturday, September 11, 2010

Garrett Watch and Wong Watch

Two of the worst -and that's saying something- "ministers" in the new line up of infamy led by Gillard are Peter Garrett and Penny Wong.

Garrett and Wong are both the same kind of driven careerist, but their backgrounds show different distinct types of unprincipled grabs for power at any costs.

Garrett began as a B-list pop singer before joining the Greens. When the Greens didn't serve his purposes well enough as a path to unbridled power he swapped to the ALP. Zero principles on display.

When Rudd was elected by the Australian mainstream media in 2007 Garrett began a shambolic stagger through serious issues and serious portfolios. He presided over the insulation scandal, resulting in the deaths of 4 young Australian workers and an unknown number of people in house fires. His direct responsibility has again been ignored by the media except in the most shallow of ways.

Wong is a trust fund millionaire who grew up in a privileged private school lifestyle of complete ease and comfort. Typical of the privileged people who now form the ALP, she waged relentless class warfare for no reason by becoming a classic extreme left wing lawyer and unionist, hacking and slashing through a life where she has never had a genuine job. This lack of any real life credentials is almost universal in the current ALP.

Garrett and Wong both need to have the spotlight on them 100% of the time now. Garrett will be presiding over stalinist attempts to indoctrinate the children of Australia, and Wong is now finance minister, in name if nothing else.

Any disasters in the making by these two miscreants or any other socialist in parliament need to be stamped on as early as possible.

Australia is also now 3 bil. more in debt than on election day and counting.

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  1. 1. Peter Garrett has never been a member of the Greens. The Australian Conservation Foundation or Greenpeace, yes, but not the Australian Greens.

    2. Referring to Garrett being a 'B-list pop singer' conveniently overlooks the fact that Midnight Oil had 13 top ten Australian albums, two of which were were listed by the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) in the Top 30 best Australian songs of all time in 2001.

    I'm neither a Garrett/Midnight Oil fan, nor an ALP voter, but really - if you fail on basic details like these, how can we trust your broader political claims?