Sunday, September 12, 2010

NBN scandal: another pink batts in the making?

Grand Inquisitor Conroy, minister of silly statements, net censorship and NBN, was on the radio this morning making ...misleading statements.

Meanwhile we were contacted exclusively on the weekend and have since passed on the story to news outlets that, according to one of the key installers of the NBN in Tasmania, of the people who were given the service 80% (so far) have immediately cancelled it the moment it changed from a free service (election bribe) to paid monthly (scandalous government monopoly).

The NBN monopoly entity, a wholly owned arm of the ALP government, has approved resellers. These pointless middlemen resell the NBN to consumers. Then you still need to pay extra connection fees. Rort is not a strong enough word for this level of epic waste.

80% cancellation rate. The government spin: this will insure that there is adequate availability of service for everyone who wants it.

But wasn't it meant to go to each individual house or building? Why would there be resources competition in that case?

Lie upon lie upon lie.

Good to see that many MSM outlets are picking up on this now. Expect to see the larger news outlets ignore it for as long as possible. It's fact, and it's out there, and if you can't trust the media (and you can't), then get the news direct from each other on this internet the socialists are so keen to censor.

Wonder why the socialists are so keen to censor us all? Now you know why. They're terrorised at the thought of an educated voting public.



  1. Excellent stuff. And they want to splash out $43,000,000,000 more dollars on a Broadband network which could be done by the private sector. Is there a mathematical formula to apply to proposed costings, for calculating the inevitable Labor waste? It should be taught in schools.

    PS SpellingNazi issue: It should be "ensure" not "insure".

    Keep up the great work.

  2. 43 bil. if we're all lucky. That figure of 43 bil. is pure unicorn fairy dust. Not linked to anything real. If we take the real costs as reported to us from an installer in Tasmania it would be closer to ... believe this or not ...

    180 billion dollars.

    That is based on the costs in NSW and Tas so far, and then working them out across Australia. And that doesn't include extra distance, union payrise grabs and extra rorting. The installer informant was pretty open about not caring because he was making a packet for his company. But still, that is a terrible waste. 180 billion.

    A Victorian EUREKA member is trying to get some Uni help with calculating the real cost, and their rough estimate is closer to 180 than 43 billion. What she was told by a lecturer is that the cost is probably incalculable because of the complex rorts, selling it off to the Chinese in 5-7 years and so on. In other words the sale price to the Chinese will be a fraction of the real cost but the sale price will be used from then on as the fake "cost to the nation" even though the Chinese will be paying cents in the dollar for what we're enslaved to build.

    We're back to the days of Pharaoh, slaves and pointless pyramids.

  3. I see the NBN as a shocking and reckless attack on our economic freedom. Can you please point me to a link that confirms the 80% cancellation rate? Apologies if I have missed it, I couldn't see one in the post. Great blog by the way, congratulations!

  4. The 80% cancellation was given to us directly from an installer in Tasmania. We're waiting for legal advice on the right way to put up first person advice we get. At the moment we have stat decs from the post office and stuff.

  5. Thanks for the update!