Friday, September 10, 2010

Rights and Liberties... Part 1

Rights and Liberties.

It's clear we've lost colossal amounts of liberty, ie perfect freedom. And it's equally clear that in the guise of conferring "rights" in enumerated politically correct lists we've lost all the original inalienable rights we enjoy not by gift of government but by fact of existence. Our rights come with our creation, they aren't from man but from the higher power. If someone doesn't believe in the higher power, then those rights still exist, and they come from within us all. They don't require any form of approval from other people. Government itself is a set of delegated tasks and we can revoke that delegation.

This is the source of the concept that THEY WORK FOR US. Politicians are employees. But like all bad employees they want to upturn the hierarchy of the workplace, usurp responsibility for which they aren't qualified and generally get money for nothing. This not only ruins our country, it demoralises the people who would otherwise enter politics to try and really make a difference.

This has to stop.

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