Monday, September 13, 2010

Gary Walker on EUREKA, the ATP

As many “left wing” hatemails have claimed, socialism in Australia seems to think that it has a divine right to claim the Eureka Stockade, or in particular its amazing flag, as their own private property. It isn’t.
Peter Lalor and the rest were essentially libertarian running through to card-carrying (figure of speech) anarchists and traditional living Chinese, Aborigines and part Aborigines, and every other colour race and religion. Yes, “even” islamic people.

They threw off albeit temporarily the chains of collectivism and authoritarianism and thought outside the box. They were essentially what might be called ultimate small government types- and that makes them conservative. The wanted a fast pace of change, arguably, which is not conservative, but we at ATP believe that in fact it was not radicalism but a desire for the quintessential fair go that defined the rebellion and the broader movement. It is how we define ourselves.

Conservatism can come direct from love of rights and liberty, and a desire to see police states big and small not trample them. It is the socialist collectivists (whether “communist”, “nazi” or just “mainstream” political party) and union thugs who are the enemy of the Eureka spirit.

Wrapping your fist in a flag before bullying other people is anathema to the EUREKA spirit.

Gary Walker, Australian Tea Party


  1. Great post Gary! Here you have summed up what is to me the true Australian spirit. Not this contrived tosh that the MSM throws down our throat. Thank you for providing a voice of reason in what is becoming more and more unreasonable times.

  2. Thanks for the kind words.

    Not everyone is going to agree with my opinion or anyone's opinion but unlike QandA and the rest of Australia's pravda every comment will be left as is unedited here. :) No editing, no engineering. :)


  3. And wrapping your writing in the trappings or libertarianism while really being pro-government (but only your preferred type of government) is what annoys me. Either you are libertarian, and good on you if you really are-I support you- or you are just another government supporting conservative clothing your words and actions in the language of libertarianism.
    I agree that opposing the current dominance of the major political parties is a good thing- but I dispute that this is your intention. Sorry if it is- but by choosing the name 'Tea Party' you have chosen to inherit the suspicion of the American organisation. And by choosing Eureka, you have chosen to inherit all the problems and contradictions this connotes. So I know you'll forgive me if I'm sceptical of your motives.

  4. The beauty of EUREKA the Australian Tea Party is, you don't have to evaluate waffle and motives. Just judge the results.

    The time's been and gone for endless cafe discussions and uni bar philosophy clubs.

    It's time to act effectively, specifically and successfully. That is what we stand for, that is what we're doing and that is what we invite all Australians to do. Whether they agree with us or not.

    Politicians and MSM chattering class members are our employees not our bosses.