Monday, September 20, 2010

Oakeshott stopped from being speaker.

Now all that is left is


Oakeshott is a political hack and rotten borough patron. He's not tough, he's sneaky. Keep the pressure on and he will either support the Coalition as he was voted in to do, or resign. Believe it, we've got him on the run.


  1. I have sent Oakeshott at least a dozen time since august 21,today being my latest.

  2. He wasn't voted to support the coaltion he was voted as an independent, in case that is confusing, he does not have any party affiliation. If his electorate wanted a coalition supporter they would have voted the national candidate.

  3. Rob Oakeshott was not just supported as an independent but as a conservative. just like the senate vote in his electorate.
    But whats done is done, Now its time to concentrate on exposing and broadcasting any bad decisions he make this term.
    That include sending letters to news outlets,blogs and Rob Oakeshott.

  4. And that should be what happens for every MP, they should be held accountable by their electorate, that's why we have elections. If the people aren't happy with oakeshott next election he will be voted out, if they're happy he gets re-elected, that's the system.

  5. "he will either support the Coalition as he was voted in to do, or resign."

    Maybe you mistakenly thought David Gillespie got voted in? You post makes complete sense if you made this mistake.