Friday, October 1, 2010

America on the brink of a Second Revolution Paul B. Farrell - MarketWatch

America on the brink of a Second Revolution Paul B. Farrell - MarketWatch

Where me and my people violently disagree with this is that a return to small or no government in some of the many areas overtaken by the current political classes is a good thing. An enormous good.

All that is required for small government to work is:

1. the total destruction of the cancer of multiculturalism. People who come to Australia will accept the dominant culture and language to a minimum standard allowing safety.

2. elimination of the welfare state and its bureaucracy. Replace it with basic charity for the genuinely needy. Let the permanent welfare class of shirkers go and live in the desert for all it matters. They contribute vastly to crime and sadness in society and are criminal scum. Discipline them.

3. destroy the socialism that has infected society.

Any achievement of any part of this plan will improve the common good of the productive citizenry.

Gary Walker
Australian Tea Party.


  1. The problem is not immigrants it is the welfare state. Get rid of welfare and the issue goes away.

  2. You might want to take a look at this:

    A key qoute:

    "we find that a large government sector is likely to increase
    unemployment. It appears to have a particularly detrimental effect on women and the low skilled and to substantially increase long-term unemployment."

  3. I doubt you'd mind me pointing out that point one here stands in stark contrast to point five here:

    I agree, we white fellas proved how dangerous not accepting the dominant culture can be. Why, we went against and wiped out the majority of the dominant culture after we arrived. Very dangerous to them. But I couldn't agree more, now that we've proven ourselves the dominant culture, let the hypocrisy begin! Conform to our ways! Just don't mention point five!

  4. TEA stands for Taxed Enough Already.

    This is the first point of resistance.

    Cute James, cute... but I know your game because you are a troll spreading disinformation

  5. Quite the contrary Maggie, I'm spreading your information, apparently amongst your own members who haven't gotten your six point list of "Those things for which we stand". Notice how I spoke only on your list and some basic Australian history.

  6. Ewwwww....I detect a Leftist, they are banned on my blog!

    Anyway I agree completely with this and I think you'd find that cracking down on the welfare set would not result in them retiring inland...They'd more than likely end up just getting a job!

  7. Oh Patrick, you must be mistaken. I'm a leftist because I've pointed out some hypocrisy in what this blog writes? Or am I leftist for comparing their statements with historical precedence?

    Oh the matter of your blog, I'm surprised you ban leftists. Don't your arguments and beliefs stand up to a slight breeze of criticism? Then again, judging by the level of content you create (saying Gillard will "destroy the country", calling asylum seekers "clowns", calling certain politicians "insane", public figures "pelicans", as well as throwing around "dickhead", "bastards", "bitch" and "bloody"), I'm frankly not surprised you can't stand the heat. Your writing has very little analytical depth, and neither does that of your commenters.

    My advice; listen to everyone, not just those who say what you want to hear. If you want to remove ever remnant of corruption from our government, you should do it on behalf of the Australian people, not the conservatives. Encircling yourself with agreeable compatriots is no way to defend our rights and liberties. That task can only be done by consensus, and however much you may dislike them, the left remains part of our political fabric. Ignoring them would be betraying the values you hold so dearly.

  8. Apparently you can't afford a free blog of your own, James, or fear you wouldn't have an audience if you had one, but we haven't banned you or stopped your from sprouting here. Game on, as your crone leader would say

  9. So one of the blogs here talks about Gleichshaltung and its curious that its attributed to groups such as the UN but I think it can be attributed to this group. Here we have a group that outlines 6 points which includes fair go for all but this above blogpost not only contradicts half of the original policy outlines but encompasses the sheer concept of Gleichschaltung. Its about the 'bringing into line' of everyone who is different of has slightly different views and its not even through rational discourse but intolerance and the shouting down of any critical discussion. Where is the economic analysis showing how the destruction of socialism and especially mulitculturalism will somehow reduce the tax burden on Australians and how does the 'acceptance of the dominant culture' achieve this. This group wishes to get a free ride on the back of the success of the real TEA party in the US but is nothing like that movement and uses the concept of the tax burden to hide behind. This party lack any rational discourse. lacks any appropriate economic analysis and all it does is play to hatred and intolerance. Ontop of misuing TEA party association you then talk about having people join lib/nat party and try to make a stand in their is even more concerning. Any REAL lib/nat party member will tell you that they are part of a progressive party. I dont see that anywhere in these policy outlines.

    You can try shout me down by painting me as a leftie, but Im not, and it isnt going to make your policy aims any more substantive or rational

  10. Tea Party, your comments are oxymoronic, much like your entire movement in this country. Just as Alex C explained.

    I do have a blog, but it's not a political one. I'll restrain myself from making one until after I finish my time in the socialist/communist/fascist/multicultural education system led by my crone leader

    I find it interesting that the majority of people substantively commenting on your content seem to have a problem with what you're saying. Maybe it's a sign that we're not drowning in the burdens of our tax system, and that people actually like multiculturalism and the like. Just an observation for you to consider.