Friday, October 1, 2010

Worth a 1000 Words: THIS IS FASCISM. "No Pressure At All" - this is why modern schooling needs massive changes.

Back when people were actually educated, the story of Nazism was part of the syllabus for modern history. It was taught openly and with little to no spin. No preponderance of holocaust stories, and no preponderance of glorious stories of Nazi war machines. What was taught, was about the social changes Nazism brought, how clever the changes were and how efficiently and secretly the changes were introduced. People probably still know dimly some of the words, even if they don't know the story.

Hitler Youth.

NSDAP (National SOCIALIST German Workers' Party)


That last one doesn't get much of a look in these days. Which is a little bit sus really because it's happening to all of us all the time. This time it isn't just in Germany though. The inheritors of the Nazis and Communists* who founded the UN practise gleichschaltung all the time on all of us.

Google the word, learn about it. And then





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  1. I don't think you realize, but Nazi social policy is taught in the modern history curriculum without a focus on holocaust stories (but I don't see that as being a problem if they do). And the "glorious" stories of the Nazi war machine end by 1941, when they started losing the war.
    I don't see what the reunification of the reich under the Nazi ideology of gleichschaltung has to do with climate change, ignoring the very fact that many countries have in fact gained sovereignty since WWI.
    And Nazi social policy wasn't subtle at all. Hitler openly spoke of the "annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe" in front of the Reichstag. And there was an openly named "ministry for propaganda"
    Also, the Nazis weren't socialist, however convincing your UPPER CASE SPELLING OF THE WORD IS. Your first assumption was correct; nazism is the Germany form of fascism.
    I should also note that the German bureaucracy charged with implementing social policy was a complete mess. Kershaw described it as "A panoply of overlapping and competing agencies". Additionally, five chancellory offices claiming to represent hitler is hardly efficient.
    You personally may be familiar with hitler's excellent use of propaganda, in which he used drastic hyperbole to portray things he didn't like as pure evil. It worked because people didn't have other sources to gain information from. I'm relieved that people have other sources on modern issues than just this one site.
    But even after all of this, to put your mind at ease, I will relentlessly resist any attempt to be taken over and folded into the third Reich.