Monday, October 11, 2010

The Real 17 Days

A friend sent me this and thought I would post it.

Suddenly a lot of things make sense.
This is why we had to put up with all the post election stupidity. they certainly don't have the country at heart.
Very interesting!

Here’s some interesting stuff about the 2 Independents

There is always another angle to this that might not suit everyone's palate.

Jeff Seeney (LNP - Callide) explained it primarily in reference to Judy Spence.

This current Federal debacle of delaying the election result, is really all about superannuation and self interest. Bob Katter has completed 38 years of Federal/State representative service and is on "the really old super scheme". So he has millions in super and he gains nothing much by chasing more.

Moreover he wants Robbie Katter Jnr., his son to become the member at the next election (for Kennedy) to follow him. He also hates Labour and if he voted for them, Robbie will never get there. He also despises the Greens and is pro- Aboriginal. That is real Aboriginal and he wants them to be given property/land title to their homes. This is very fair. Labour refuses to allow it.

Oakeshott wants his 20 year superannuation payout but he needs 2 full years more to get it. He has done a combined 18 years of Federal and State representative survive. The first 10 years served as a National party member. After 20 years on the super scheme post 1988 his super quantum starts to decline rapidly.

That scheme has ended now post Mark Latham for all new members elected since 2006, all on the really old scheme have no 20 year rule. Oakeshott is chasing the Ministerial position because it will maximize his superannuation payout since the scale of the super payout final amount is determined by the end salary.

If he stayed as a backbencher, it declines at the backbenchers rate at 20 years too but the quantum either as a balloon or monthly payout is much lower. Most will have missed it.

Rob Oakeshott did not want another election for at least 2 years to guarantee his maximal superannuation payout. That alone that drove his decision. Oakeshott desperately sought the Ministerial position, not for the power but the salary. Especially the END Salary he would retire by choice or by losing when he finished Federal service on.

Windsor collects his super at end 2011,one year earlier. He will have done 20 years State/Federal all as an independent, never with the Ministerial salary. His opportunity is gone for that.

He has sold his farm at Werris Creek for a crazy price that is hard to believe, his wife has collected her Teachers super (40 years) and they want a place at ? Palm Beach (NSW) but the buy in price is $5 million plus. He has other land that he wants prices for that are very ridiculous. He could just as easily buy at Coff's or even Byron Bay. It is cheaper too. But the New Englanders would hound him forever. He is smart enough to know this is about an exit strategy and going to where no one cares.

Forget all the rhetoric. Both Oakeshott and Windsor are finished in their electorates. They will be reviled by all, forever. Neither of them will care. This was all about them and their futures.

Windsor is ruled by the thickness of his wallet. That is why they are talking about the longevity of the parliament - "to ensure the parliament runs as long as possible, preferably it's 3 year cycle" are the words of both.

Oakeshott acknowledged that Tony Abbott would have won another election, if we had another election soon. Both stated that the background hiss from Coalition people was about another Federal election. That was why the duo did what they did, for another election in the next 3-12 months was their greatest fear.

Katter would not share their box at 3.00 pm because he was addressing the National interest and just a small dose of his own. He genuinely put up his 20 points and defended them all.

Windsor thought that the electorate would swallow the Broadband rubbish and Oakeshott just made a fool of himself, with all the waffle.

Self interest to the bitter end, what a disgrace. A coward makes the final decision. Shakespeare to the end. To be or not to be - that is the question ! or maybe Cowards die many times before their deaths. We have a terrible time ahead ..


  1. I love the detailed references and footnotes in this email a friend sent you.

    Michele, you're a reasonable person I suspect. Don't you want adequate sourcing on material you read?